Website Speed Testing

Website Speed Testing

Along with SEO, image optimization, and content management, website load time is just as important to improving your website. Visitors to your website have a short attention span and not only want the information they are looking for at their fingertips, but they want it fast.

What happens when they can’t get information in a timely manner? They leave your website…disappointed.

Below are some interesting facts about “page abandonment” and load time according to sitepoint:

  • 8% of potential buyers cite extremely slow loading web pages as the primary reason for abandoning their purchase.
  • Over 75% of online customers opted for a competitor’s site instead of suffering inordinate delays at peak traffic time.
  • If page load time is 3 seconds or more, 57% of your website visitors will abandon your page.
  • 75% of users exit within 4 seconds.
  • When compared to business websites that load in 1 second, websites that load in 3 seconds experience a 50% higher bounce rate, 22% fewer page views, and, most significantly, 22% fewer conversions.

Not to worry – there are plenty of tools to help test your website speed load time, and they are quite fun tools to use!

GT Metrix scores your website using graphics and load times within various locations across the globe. You can even download your results to a handy PDF.

WebPage Test offers your website a grade much like being tested in school: A – F. You can even watch a slow-motion load time of your homepage and view the statistics based on that load time.

Use these tools and consider the results when optimizing your website.