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Traits You Need to Become More Influential

We all want to make a difference in the world and feel better in doing so. What makes that so difficult is figuring out how to be the best at everything you do. Is that even possible? What I think is possible is developing traits to help you become a better person, and the same

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The Power of Online Resources

I love it when I run into a problem when designing a website but can find a quick solution online! I’m not very patient when it comes to wanting to figure out a problem and having a hard time finding a solution. I need to realize that I can’t be expected to know everything –

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The Number 10

2014 marks the 10th year I’ve been designing, the 10th year I’ve been running, and the 10th half-marathon in Tucson, Arizona I will be completing next month! I had the opportunity last year to sit with a client, astrologist Catherine Baskett, and learn about my birth chart. The thing that hit a cord with me

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4 months ago

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"On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. "(Source: Forbes)

Is your website protected? Do you have a plan of action should your website crash or be infected with malware? Don't let this happen! Contact us today, and protect your business investment with an annual maintenance plan.
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