Why logo formats matter

Why logo formats matter

Logo formats DO matter! Too often I encounter clients who don’t have access to their original logo. They resort to downloading their logo from the web to use in print. Web and print versions are completely different and it’s best to be informed of when and where to use the right version.

Raster vs. Vector: So which is which? Why can’t you use your jpg logo on a large printed banner? I know it can be complicated to understand the difference, but think of “raster” as building blocks of color or pixels. When those blocks are enlarged, they lose resolution and become pixelated. As you continue to enlarge your logo, those blocks continue to lose pixelation, and now your logo starts to become a blur of color, and no pair of reading glasses will help with that! With a vector format, your logo has been created using lines and curves, not pixels. Now when your logo is enlarged or made smaller, no resolution has been lost because those lines proportionally resize without a loss of resolution.

This post is just an introduction of formats to help give a better understanding of why it’s important to know why logo formats matter.

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